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Re: Debian-approved creative/content license?

michael.s.gilbert@gmail.com wrote:

>I've read up and found the Creative Commons and GFDL licenses are
>specifically disallowed by Debian (well GFDL with non-invariant
Actually I understand that the ftpmasters have approved content licensed
under CC 3.0, which is widely considered to be free (one of the
obviously free licenses, not a -NC one), and this defines what is
considered free software by Debian.

>sections seems ok, but does that make sense for creative/audio
>content?).  Looking further, I could not find any Debian-approved
>licenses for creative (non-software) works [2], [3].  Is the Debian
>approach to just use a software license like GPL or BSD for creative
Debian as an organization has no official position about this, but you
will find that many regular debian-legal@ contributors share this
opinion. (But then, the opinion of these people are rarely considered

>Anyway, what recommendation should I make that will satisfy the DFSG?
Use CC.


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