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Re: Information about copyright

On Tue, 20 Feb 2007 10:33:08 +0100 Frouin Jean-Michel wrote:

> I am looking for a GPL compatible license in order to wrote a debian
> application but I want that my source code can be used for non GPL
> usage (in order to help as many people as possible) if the coder
> include a copyright like "some piece of code are from ..."
> Can you help me in a choice ?

It really seems that you are looking for a GPL-compatible non-copyleft
The simplest and most recommendable one is the so-called Expat license,
It is also sometimes referred to as the "MIT license".
You can find it here:

> It seem BSD license to be the near my need.

A 2-clause BSD license is also OK for your purposes:

> Thanks for your help

You're welcome!  :)

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