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Re: Debian logos and trademarks

I totally agree with you.
Best option, IMHO, would be to have a new Debian-specific font to be 
released under a free license.

Daniele Micci

>----Messaggio originale----
>Da: nicolas_spalinger@sil.org
>Data: 20/02/2007 16.56
>A: <debian-legal@lists.debian.org>
>Ogg: Re: Debian logos and trademarks

>AFAICT the Debian logo currently uses Friedrich Poppl's Laudatio
>Condensed (non-free):
>I suggest discussing the opportunity of basing the text in the Debian
>logo on an existing open font. Or calling on designers to create a 
>Debian-specific font from scratch and then release it under a good 
>Nicolas Spalinger
>pkg-fonts Alioth project

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