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Re: CC's responses to v3draft comments

On Wed, 2006-27-09 at 09:30 +1000, Nic Suzor wrote:
> One thing that I am getting from Mia's argument is that CC is having
> difficulty actually identifying people who would benefit from a parallel
> distribution clause. She has stated that she is not aware of a
> substantial segment of developers who would incorporate CC-licensed
> material into products which require DRM (e.g., free software console
> game developers). 
> Can we get some examples, or at least a plausible use case which we can
> put forward to CC? If we keep talking about hypotheticals, I think we're
> less likely to be heard.

I know that there are some Free Software games that use CC data elements
(interstitial images, music, etc.) I wonder if any also use a game
engine that has been ported to e.g. the PS/2? That's an interesting


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