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Re: [Fwd: Re: Problem with license of msv-xsdlib]


> On Mon, 25 Sep 2006 09:21:18 +1000 Nic Suzor wrote:
>> Eric Lavarde - Debian [Fri Sep 22, 2006 at 01:52:43PM +0200]:
>> > Hello again,
>> >
>> > Last tentative: what's wrong with my request that I don't get _any_
>> > answer?
>> You did get an answer - check message from Joe Smith [Thu Sep 14, 2006
>> at 02:05:13PM -0400].
Sorry, I'm not on the list, did check the list archive after my first
tentative, but didn't do after my second. I apologize for this.
Joe: your answer was perfect, sorry that I missed it. :-[

>> I agree with Joe, and believe that a CDDL licence will get you in to
>> non-free. However, nobody is exactly sure whether CDDL is DFSG-free
>> and can go into main.
Which would be an improvement over today's situation for this specific
piece of software :-)

>> The main points of contention seem to be the choice of venue clause,
>> the requirement to identify contributors and the restriction that
>> forbids moficiation of 'descriptive' text giving attribution.
I can try to address these specific points, and see what comes back.

> [...]
>> If you're looking for another licence to suggest, which you know will
>> get into main, try the GPL. Licence proliferation is a bad thing;
>> unless there's a good reason not to, I would always suggest adopting a
>> GPL-compatible licence.
> I agree that GPLv2-compatibility is an important recommendation.
> Unfortunately Sun expressed dislike for the GPL in the past and
> intentionally designed the CDDL to be GPL-incompatible: as a
> consequence, I don't know how far recommending the GPL will get us...
> :-(
I do agree, to have a chance to succeed, I think that I need to offer a
way in-between to the Sun persons. Nevertheless, if the CDDL is the
company policy, not much I/they can do.

> Maybe another person who recommends the GPL could be useful to add
> "pressure" to adopt a DFSG-free licensing scheme...  I don't know...
Neither do I, but if I manage to change Sun's opinion, I think you'll hear
about it ;-)

I'm a techie and always accepted the fact that people were saying
computers are complicated; then I worked a while with Finance people, and
I thought "*that* is complicated"; but I think I still need to discover
legal matters :->

Cheers, Eric

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