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www.d.o waiting for DPL and SPI? (was Re: Vim's user manual bug closed: reopen?

MJ Ray wrote:

> By the way, in
> the DPL criticises debian-legal for not yet tidying up the copyright
> bugs of www.d.o - which is something we were waiting for the DPL+SPI to
> decide since 2005-10.  Bizarre.  Time for us to ping it if this DPL won't?

I just realized that that bug is actually two bugs.  So I cloned it.

The copyright bugs of www.d.o can't be fixed by debian-legal, because
debian-legal can't change the pages.  Or identify the former contributors. 
IIRC, we came to consensus on what *should* be done, but as usual we don't
have the power to do it.

(1) Each contributor must be identified.  Any page with unidentified
contributors must be removed.
(2) Copyright notices must be changed to accurately reflect the authors, and
must be distinct for each page, for that reason. The pages are not
copyright SPI; that's a lie.  False copyright statements are a bad move.
(3) Each contributor must be asked to license the pages under a mutually
agreeable license.  I believe we asked SPI and/or the DPL to choose between
the GPL and MIT/Expat for standardization; if we didn't, we should have. 
Of course, we haven't had any such choice.  So we should ask again.

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden@fastmail.fm>

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