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Re: Vim's user manual bug closed: reopen?

Francesco Poli <frx@firenze.linux.it>
> I noticed that bug #384019 has been recently closed. [...]
> The bug was closed because an FTP-master (James Troup) stated that the
> Open Publication License v1.0 without options is fine for main. [...]
> What should be done, in your opinion?
> Should the bug be reopened?

No.  I think the outer-surfaces problem is just an obnoxious advertising
clause, it seems unlikely that this particular licensor will try
to enforce 'identified' in a bad way and upstream tracking is OK.
That summary is from the debian-legal summaries experiment, didn't seem
to convince many people and I feel it contains bad advice (specifying

Summary: the Open Publication License v1.0 is irritating in several
ways (ad clause, optional sections, over-specific change advice), but
fine for main unless its options are used or the licensor interprets
it in a bad way.

By the way, in
the DPL criticises debian-legal for not yet tidying up the copyright
bugs of www.d.o - which is something we were waiting for the DPL+SPI to
decide since 2005-10.  Bizarre.  Time for us to ping it if this DPL won't?

Hope that explains,
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