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Re: Bug#386406: libmms: majormms haven't yet granted relicensing to LGPL

retitle 386406 debian/copyright should include actual text of the copyright statement and reference LGPL and GPL
severity 386406 minor

On Mon, 11 Sep 2006, Anon Sricharoenchai wrote:
> According to Section 3 of LGPL, Debian or anyone can relicense LGPL
> software into the ordinary GPL. Debian can decide to relicense this
> libmms to GPL to avoid licensing problem with the original author of
> majormms, until the upstream author of libmms have cleared the
> problem about their license. This is just an interim solution.

There's no reason to do this whatsoever. LGPLed works are
automatically compatible with GPLed works since they impose no
additional restrictions beyond what the GPL imposes.

It may be useful to indicate in the copyright file that some parts may
be under the GPL only,[1] but there's nothing wrong with indicating
that large parts of the code are additionally available under the
LGPL. [You seem to be under the misimpression that code can be
licensed under only one license.]

Loic: The only actual (minor) issue here is that the package doesn't
reference the GPL and include the copyright+licensing statement of the
parts that are GPL licensed. It would also be useful to include the
actual copyright statements of the parts which you have included the
LGPLed license statement. [Adjusting the severity accordingly; feel
free to override.]

Don Armstrong

1: Which is already done in this package...
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