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Re: Bug#386406: libmms: majormms haven't yet granted relicensing to LGPL


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> From: Lo?c Minier
> Now, what is the basis of your claims that this might not be LGPL?
> What new information did you find?
> And why are you discussing this with Debian?  This seems like an
> upstream problem to me and something to discuss with upstream.  I think
> you can't blame Debian for trusting its own upstream software
> distributors to a certain extent.

I have some questions.
If there's one upstream that extract and modify dll files from Windows Media
Player and relicense those dll to some freeware license, then this upstream software
can be packaged into Debian/non-free?  Although it is apparently that Microsoft
doesn't give any privilege for them to relicense?
If Debian redistribute this package in freeware license, Debian will risk to
get sued by Microsoft?
Or Debian can claim that, hey, it's not our responsibility, we got the valid
license from the upstream author, if you (Microsoft) get loss, you should sue
the upstream author to get compensate for all of the loss resulted by such

> > Can debian relicense this package back to GPL to avoid this conflict?
> Sure, as soon as this is proven to be LGPL or not LGPL one way or the
> other, I will act accordingly.

According to Section 3 of LGPL, Debian or anyone can relicense LGPL software
into the ordinary GPL.  Debian can decide to relicense this libmms to GPL to
avoid licensing problem with the original author of majormms, until the
upstream author of libmms have cleared the problem about their license.  This
is just an interim solution.

Thank you.

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