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Re: Review of a pseudo licence statement

Alexis Sukrieh <sukria@sukria.net>
> [Please CC me, I'm not subscribed] [...]
> #  This software code is made available "AS IS" without warranties of any
> #  kind.  You may copy, display, modify and redistribute the software
> #  code either by itself or as incorporated into your code; provided that
> #  you do not remove any proprietary notices.  Your use of this software
> #  code is at your own risk and you waive any claim against Amazon
> #  Digital Services, Inc. or its affiliates with respect to your use of
> #  this software code. (c) 2006 Amazon Digital Services, Inc. or its
> #  affiliates.

As long as the "proprietary notices" are reasonable, I think the software
probably follows the DFSG and could be uploaded to main.

But IIRC, Amazon have been software patenters - is the "waive any claim 
[...] your use" stuff an indication there are active patents around this?
Amazon trying to hinder defensive counterclaims?  I'm suspicious because
copyright licences don't often state that quite so strongly.

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