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Re: Ccosket bsd+source license

On Sunday 10 September 2006 22:42, Joey Hess wrote:
> znc contains a Csocket file with this license. I wonder if the requirement
> that source code must be made available for no more than "a nominal fee" is
> acceptable.


> * Redistributions in any form must be accompanied by information on how to
> obtain * complete source code for the DB software and any accompanying
> software that uses the DB software. * The source code must either be
> included in the distribution or be available for no more than * the cost of
> distribution plus a nominal fee, and must be freely redistributable * under
> reasonable conditions.

Hm, who is to define "nominal fee" and "freely redistributable under 
reasonable conditions" ? This sounds like a badly forgotten leftover rather 
than intentionally worded as it is, since it makes no sense to leave such 
unclear and obscure statements in a license unless you are lawyerbomb-creator 
of course. The lisensor should be contacted for clarifications and license 
text corrections, imho.

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