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Re: RE : Re: Linux Magazin Germany, affecting Debian's image?!

On 10717 March 1977, Radu-Cristian FOTESCU wrote:

> 2. It clearly contains packages not on the official update list. AFAIK,
> backports like FF1.5 and X.org are not _official_ for Sarge.

Yes, where is the problem?

Before I go on answering some small points in your mail - you do
remember that Debian is actually free for anyone? Including freedom of
changing it?

>> Thats a DVD for a event, that happened to also get a magazine
>> attached. 
> I'm not very sure "it happened to". It's for sale now, labeled "sarge".

Yes, they attached it to the Magazine. And gave us a good number of
dvds for free.

I dont know where the problem is with it having "Debian Sarge" on it
(together with some notes about the included stuff, the LinuxMagazin
logo and the year). The DVD doesnt say anywhere its official (if you
install from it all parts that refer to it mention it either as
"Debian Sarge Cebit 2006 Special Edition DVD." (Release File) or as
"Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 "Sarge" - Unofficial Cebit 2006 i386/powerpc/amd64 Binary-1 (20060207)(jj/as)"
(.disk/info, that what gets into sources.list).

>> We had them to give away for free at the Debian booth at this
>> years Cebit (and took some to DebConf), and had a only very slightly
>> modified image at this years LinuxTag. Its basically a sarge with
>> changed kernel, a few backports and a preseeded d-i that boots on
>> multiple architectures.
> Sorry to say such things and possibly raise conflictual feelings, but do you
> really feel this is *right*?

Yes. Debian is free, you can take it and modify it. Like it or not,
thats one of the reason why I work on it.
And its also not labeled as being "the official Sarge release", its
clearly attached to a magazin. Noone would believe that Debian uses a
computer magazine for a release anyways. :)
It also happens since years everywhere around the world.

> But when I see that one of the most seriously organized projects in the world
> (that's you, the Debian Project) can have unprofessional lapses like this
> one...

I guess you misunderstand something very much.

> Excuse me please, but if FF1.5 and X.org can be integrated that easily into
> Sarge, why isn't this official, on Debian mirrors?

Part of our stable release politic - no updates after its released.

> So, this is not official. While it's not official, this is gonna affect the
> image of Debian (it's already done with me). People will start think one of
> these ways:
> 1. "oh, they don't release earlier because they're lazy. look, they've done
> it for CeBIT, but then just forgot about it."
> 2. "oh, they're don't consistent in what they're saying. it's either 'stable
> means stable, that's why you only got older packages with backported security
> fixes and that's all because that's stable', or 'hey, we can provide you with
> newer packages, it's just as stable as the previous definition we had about
> stable'".
> Plus, mind you, we can't download the CeBIT edition of "Sarge" (if this can
> still be labeled as Sarge).

This shows that you havent understood the way free software works. The
freedom attached to it means people can take it, modify it, change it,
adapt, whatever. And even distribute it, shockingly. :)

And just for the record - except some minor technical problems the
feedback for this image (and most prior ones I/we did) was really good.

bye Joerg
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