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Re: RE : Re: Linux Magazin Germany, affecting Debian's image?!

> Before I go on answering some small points in your mail - you do
> remember that Debian is actually free for anyone? Including freedom 
> of changing it?
> ...
> I guess you misunderstand something very much.

Sorry to say, I wasn't born yesterday either.

Debian must have some rights reserved for this name. And for Sarge too.

Freedom doesn't mean you can do whatever you want. Can I take an Ubuntu
4.10 and label it Debian Sarge, then distribute it? Can I?

Or (to let Ubuntu alone): I simply can't take a MEPIS, change it a
little, and label it "Debian Sarge". No matter how free and GPL'ed might
it be, I can't do this because:
1. this is not true. This wouldn't be a Debian Sarge, because it's
something else.
2. this is not legal. Because this is not Debian Sarge, it's a modified

This is not even about GPL! It's also about attribution of intellectual

(The example was made up, of course.)

> This shows that you havent understood the way free software works. The
> freedom attached to it means people can take it, modify it, change it,
> adapt, whatever. And even distribute it, shockingly. :)

This is rather injurious. And shouldn't happen on a list named "Debian

If I were having lawyers with an attitude like yours, I'd either be
broken, or I'd have fired them long ago.

FYI, if the modified special Debian Sarge is under GPL (and it is), I
should either:
1. be able to download it for free;
2. be able to get it by post for a few euros. Not with a magazine! As a
DVD. Period.

I'm disappointed by the approach of this list. Zillions of detailed
discussions about conformity with the DFSG are *very* important and
useful indeed, but you risk not to see the forest for the trees. You're
simply not respecting your own branding.

With deep sorrow,

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