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Re: RE : Re: Linux Magazin Germany, affecting Debian's image?!

On Tue, Jul 18, 2006 at 03:38:32AM -0400, Radu-Cristian FOTESCU wrote:
> --- Wouter Verhelst <wouter@debian.org> a écrit :
> >
> > the claim that Debian can be downloaded is a simple statement
> > of fact which just happens to be true as a byproduct of the way
> > we create Debian, it is not a promise.
> If I can't trust what I can read on Debian.org, then I'll stop using Debian
> GNU/Linux as soon as I'll find a convenient replacement. If I can't trust
> you. then... I can't trust you.
> > people should have the freedom to make a derivative
> > version of Debian *without* providing downloads
> This is *not* a derivative. This is still labeled "Debian Sarge".
> Derivatives are: Ubuntu, MEPIS, Knoppix, dozens of others.
> Derivatives do *not* carry the name of Debian.
> It is *not* "Debian MEPIS", it's "MEPIS".
> Too bad that the moist important GNU/Linux project and the most important
> GNU/Linux community can't afford a good lawyer to explain you how to protect
> your mark.
> Like Henning Makholm said, it's better not having me as a user of your work.
> A last answer to Andreas Barth, which said: "Who are you, and how do
> you judge what is proper use of Debian's trademarks and what not?"
> I'm the customer, being it a customer of a free product. If I'm a customer of
> Mercedes Benz, and I notice that a modified car is still labeled "Mercedes"
> (and *not* "Ssang Yong, powered by Mercedes engines", but simply "Mercedes"),
> I'm affected that Mercedes doesn't care about that. And I'd stop using/buying
> from Mercedes, as long as they don't care to protect their mark.
> For God's sake, it's labeled "Debian Sarge", dammit!
Hi Radu,
I appreciate your zeal in wanting to defend the Debian organization from
someone thinking that the DVD is 'official'. But since 99% of it is
Debian as there are 13,000 packages and the probability of someone using
these is small enough and these packages are probably not going to crash
because they are based upon debian work. Debian, from my reading, does
not defend its IP/image in the same way as say Sony. Any publicity is good
publicity and this by a large factor does not damage people's impression
of Debian, but making a large fuss with the Publisher now or making a
press announcement now would create bad feelings towards Debian, from my
point of view. Free software project only defend very egregious
violation, this is far from that x-) Please join the project in some way
to help address your concerns because energy like yours would be better spent
on helping than on creating bad impressions of Debian. I do so by helping on irc on
#debian and on the debian-user email list among other things.
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