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Re: DFSG-freeness of the "CID Font Code Public Licence"

El lunes,  5 de junio de 2006 a las 13:14:49 +0100, Stephen Gran escribía:

> that don't follow the Sharia, you would be forced to?  Do you think a
> license can ever force you to follow laws that have no jurisdiction?

 After seeing licenses that claim not to be affected by any laws that would
make any of its clauses illegal, I'd expect anything from them. Yeah, such
clauses would be void, but the best thing you could make in such a case
would not to accept the license at all (and not distribute the software).

> Yes, exactly.  This means that the sentence boils down to roughly,
> 'you have to not break the law for your jurisdiction'.  Well, that's
> hardly non-free.

 Another[0] piece of hideous pseudopoetry:

    If this software you want to use,
    abide by laws with no excuse;
    for if you're ever caught speeding,
    this very agreement will be rescinded.

[0] http://raw-output.org/20060605/decorative-clauses

   Jacobo Tarrío     |     http://jacobo.tarrio.org/

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