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Re: DFSG-freeness of the "CID Font Code Public Licence"

El lunes,  5 de junio de 2006 a las 19:39:46 +1000, Andrew Donnellan escribía:

> But it doesn't say that - it says applicable laws, if that includes US
> export laws then there's nothing you can do about it because it would
> apply to you in any case.

 It says applicable laws, including US export laws. That's: applicable laws,
and, in addition to them, US export laws. If I live in the EU, US export
laws are not applicable laws to me, but per the license, I'd have to comply

 (BTW, I disagree with the "this clause is already implied in the law so
let's ignore it because it's harmless" school of thought. If the clause is
there it's intended to have an effect. What if laws change? What about other

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