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Re: Bug#365408: [POLICY-PROPOSAL] Drop java*-runtime/compiler, create classpath-jre/jdk and java-jre/jdk

> > A virtual package name is a functional label, not a product name.
> > Java is the name of an island and a natural language too. 
> > I'm surprised if Sun can prevent use of a word in this way.
> A function that is used to call a runtime, compiler, etc of the Java(tm)
> language!
> Java? is a trademark of Sun Microsystems.

There are already many free packages that provide a binary (or symlink
to a binary) named java. There is one package named 'free-java-sdk'
which uses the name java, as well as the previously mentioned virtual
packages which we already have. It seems reasonable to continue to use
the word java in the virtual packages which provide binaries named java.


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