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Re: Bug#365408: [POLICY-PROPOSAL] Drop java*-runtime/compiler, create classpath-jre/jdk and java-jre/jdk

On Mon, May 22, 2006 at 06:03:19PM -0400, Charles Fry wrote:
> > > A virtual package name is a functional label, not a product name.
> > > Java is the name of an island and a natural language too. 
> > > I'm surprised if Sun can prevent use of a word in this way.
> > 
> > A function that is used to call a runtime, compiler, etc of the Java(tm)
> > language!
> > 
> > Java? is a trademark of Sun Microsystems.
> There are already many free packages that provide a binary (or symlink
> to a binary) named java. There is one package named 'free-java-sdk'
> which uses the name java, as well as the previously mentioned virtual
> packages which we already have. It seems reasonable to continue to use
> the word java in the virtual packages which provide binaries named java.

The package name free-java-sdk is really a bad example as this package
has really a bad history. The SableVM people just want to force users to
use their VM. This package is not in line with the Debian Java

I still think that we need a distinction between classpath-derived and
SUN-derived VMs. Perhaps later for Harmony-derived VMs too. All families
have their issues. They ever will be. To work with this we need a clear
naming for the virtual packages. The classpaht-* and java-* solution
does this. The solultion you proposed does this only partially.

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