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Re: Against DRM 2.0

First and foremost, please stop top posting. We Are here to hold
discussions about licencing, and it's very difficult to do so when
your comments are wholy separated from the context in which they
belong. You also should stop using HTML; a gmail account or similar
should enable you to do this if you can't find a real e-mail account.

On Sat, 20 May 2006, Max Brown wrote:
> The license does not treat software: you cannot value the license on
> the basis of Debian Free Software Guidelines. ;-)

If we're going to distribute it in Debian, it's software. If we're not
going to distribute it in Debian, then you can call it whatever you
want but it's completely off topic for this list.

> However, where can I read that Debian requires *everything*, not
> just software, to be DFSG-free??

Debian requires everything that we distribute to be Free. See Social
Contract Clause One:[1]

    1. Debian will remain 100% free
       We provide the guidelines that we use to determine if a work is
       "free" in the document entitled "The Debian Free Software
       Guidelines". We promise that the Debian system and all its
       components will be free according to these guidelines. We will
       support people who create or use both free and non-free works on
       Debian. We will never make the system require the use of a
       non-free component.

If we're not going to distribute it, then it's not part of Debian and
this list is not the right place to discuss it.

Don Armstrong

1: /usr/share/doc/debian/social-contract.txt or

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