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Re: Against DRM 2.0

Fine remark, but...

Max, did you know that Debian requires *everything*, not just
software, to be DFSG-free? Not that it's particularly relevant since
there isn't a huge amount under the Against DRM license, but...

On 5/20/06, Max Brown <max05001@yahoo.com> wrote:
Very fine dissertation but...
 Evan, do you know that "Against DRM 2.0" does not treat software?? :-)


 And why you don't speak about related rights?

 unnecessary license... mmmm :-)


Evan Prodromou <evan@debian.org> wrote:

There are many platforms that _require_ DRM -- notably Sony game
consoles and some palmtop computers. The "Against DRM" license (which
might win the contest for the license with the clumsiest name ever)
would prevent me from porting any software to those platforms -- even if
I made clear-text, modifiable and/or source versions available.

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