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Re: Apache license 1.1 for non-Apache software

On 4/21/06, Francesco Poli <frx@firenze.linux.it> wrote:
> Anyway, If I were you, I would try and persuade upstream to change
> license.
> Since the current license is a clone of Apache Software License, Version
> 1.1, you could suggest that they switch to Apache License Version
> 2.0[8], which is DFSG-free and can be applied unmodified to any work
> (not just Apache!).
> Alternatively, they could switch to the 3-clause BSD license[9], which
> is quite similar to the current license (after dropping clauses 3. and
> 5.), but DFSG-free.

Most of the Horde project software is licensed under the GPL, the main
exception being the framework itself which is LGPL. According to the
SVN repository some people were confused and said in README files and
other files that Forwards was GPL.


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