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Apache license 1.1 for non-Apache software


I want to package Forwards (see my ITP [1]), a non-Apache
software under Apache License 1.1 [2]).

I read debian-legal archives to have information about 
Apache License version 1.1. Situation seems confuse on the first
thread [3]. This thread [4] explains there is no problem for
Apache software under Apache License.

Note that I am intent to call my Debian package 'sork-forwards-h3'
and with very few patches for upstream version. Note also there are
already packages with this license in "main" : sork-passwd-h3,
ingo1, jython, et cetera.

Could you confirm me that my package will be DFSG-compliant ?

[1] : http://bugs.debian.org/362652
[2] : http://cvs.horde.org/co.php?r=
[3] : http://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/2000/06/msg00103.html
[4] : http://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/2003/08/msg00205.html

Gregory Colpart <reg@evolix.fr>  GnuPG:1024D/C1027A0E
Evolix - Informatique et Logiciels Libres http://www.evolix.fr/

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