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Re: Missing documentation for autoconf

olive wrote:

> The social contract say also "We will never make the system require the
> use of a non-free component". It is reasonable to think that the use of
> Debian requires the GFDL documentation.

Even assuming the above "it is reasonable" is true[0], the following
does not hold:

> If Debian think there are
> non-free they are breaking the social contract; could someone explain me
> how this is not a break of the social contract.

"...never make THE SYSTEM require the use of  a non-free component."

Even if your use of autoconf requires you to make use of non-free
software, the system does not require the use of that software.

The system != the user of the system

[Otherwise, consider that the C language specification is by far not
free software, and where that'd put us]

[0] A proposition with which I disagree. Personally I've managed to use
quite a bit of software without resort to the docs.

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