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Re: FYI, kernel firmware non-freeness discussions

On 2/14/06, Anthony DeRobertis <anthony@derobert.net> wrote:
> Alexander Terekhov wrote:
> > I bet another EURO 50 (through PayPal) that Red Hat and Novell are
> > also going to lose and won't get dismissal under 12(b)(6).
> I wish I could play, but I'm pretty sure wagering like that is illegal
> in the jurisdiction I live :-(

Oh c'mon, even in Australia where ...


... "The Government remains concerned about the impact of online
wagering, but recognises that this concern needs to be balanced
against the impact of a ban on long established industries in
Australia, such as the thoroughbred racing industry. A balance has
been achieved by prohibiting 'ball by ball' betting-or wagering on any
aspect of a sporting event after it has commenced. 'Betting on the
run' is also prohibited because it involves betting on a sporting
event after it has commenced. These types of betting are the most
harmful form of online wagering. Other forms of online wagering are
not prohibited by the legislation. Online wagering on non-sporting
events is not prohibited by the IGA."

See? "Online wagering on non-sporting events is not prohibited".

C'mon, let's play.


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