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Re: Adobe open source license -- is this licence free?

On 28 Jan 2006 11:32:08 -0500, Michael Poole <mdpoole@troilus.org> wrote:
> Wesley J. Landaker writes:
> > On Friday 27 January 2006 20:29, Michael Poole wrote:
> > > There's little or no evidence that requiring creators of a derivative
> > > of some software to identify themselves would prevent a free use of
> > > the software.  Does that mean the Dissident test is irrelevant?
> >
> > Yeah, since the dissident test has nothing do to with the DFSG, except by
> > quite a big a stretch of the imagination.
> >
> > Not to say it's not a valuable thought experiment in some cases, but it sure
> > isn't the great canonical test that some people here seem to think it is.
> I submit that, under this logic, fees to execute software or create
> derivative works are free since they are not mentioned anyhere in the
> DFSG.  The usual response to this is that Debian would be restricted
> in doing things like porting software, fixing bugs, and so forth.  The
> SC and DFSG make no mention of those tasks, either.



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