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Dispossessing the FSF

I used to be a flag-waving FSF patriot, but for reasons
people familiar with the present GFDL GR debate will
appreciate, the FSF has lost my trust.  My question is
as follows.  The FSF retains special authority
unilaterally to extend the GPL, LGPL, FDL, etc.  For my
own free software, can I take this special authority
away from the FSF and transfer it to the Debian Project?
That is, can I license my software with

    This program is free software; you can
    redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms
    of the GNU General Public License; either the
    Free Software Foundation's version 2, or (at
    your option, without regard to FSF approval) any
    successor thereto the Debian Project has ever
    promulgated or approved.

My intent, very regrettably, is to undermine my hero
Richard M. Stallman's future credibility to speak on
behalf of free-software developerdom, and to set a
correct example for others who feel that they should do
likewise.  If so, then is my example correct?

(With respect to the upcoming GR, for those whom it
interests:  For my own part, I will of course study the
proposals in their final forms before deciding
specifically how to vote, and I will pay close heed to
the advice our top DDs offer.  Generally, however, I
admit that I reluctantly lean toward capitulating to the
FSF in the GFDL matter.  The FSF leadership is wrong, of
course, and their behavior in ignoring Debian's just
concerns in the matter for four years seems petulant and
outrageous.  Emotionally, I want forthrightly to oppose
the FSF in the matter.  Regrettably, however, it seems
to me that the likely damage done to Debian for standing
firmly against the GFDL now outweighs the important
point of DFSG principle at stake here.  We should now
admit that, barring unforeseen developments, through no
fault of our own leaders and delegates, the time to
negotiate with the FSF has passed.  We should either
capitulate or defy without further delay.  It has come
to that point.  The very reason I want to change the
future license terms of my own software now is so that I
don't unwittingly help the FSF to manipulate us in this
way again.)

Please advise.  Also, if you feel that my analysis is
misguided, overreactive or premature, feel free to argue
(if I have had enough of the FSF's stonewalling, I still
remain open to persuasion here; perhaps others feel
likewise).  Either way, respect Mail-Followup-To; copy
replies to me.  Thanks.

Thaddeus H. Black
508 Nellie's Cave Road
Blacksburg, Virginia 24060, USA
+1 540 961 0920, t@b-tk.org, thb@debian.org

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