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Re: Adobe open source license -- is this licence free?

On Fri, Jan 27, 2006 at 10:35:44AM -0500, Jeremy Hankins wrote:
> We could, but does the DFSG require it?

This is backtracking the discussion: we've already been over this.

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> There are other, non-malicious
> reasons for choice-of-venue, as others have pointed out.

There are non-malicious reasons for releasing software under completely
proprietary licenses.  Good intentions don't make a restriction more free.

> Ah.  I assumed (perhaps erroneously) that the choice of venue impacted
> the choice of law.  I take it that the two issues are unrelated?

I believe choice of law is uncontroversially considered DFSG-free, as
long as that choice of law doesn't actually cause the terms of the
license to become non-free.

Glenn Maynard

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