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Re: Distributing GPL software.

On Wed, 11 Jan 2006, Daniel Carrera wrote:
> Michael Poole wrote:
> >As GPL section 3(c) indicates, you may use that option if you were
> >given a written offer to provide source *and* your distribution is
> >"noncommercial".  You have given no hint whether your distribution
> >could be considered commercial, and the GPL is unfortunately vague
> >as to what it means by "noncommercial distribution".
> These CDs are for the SCALE conference (Sourthern California Linux 
> Expo). I was thinking of selling the CDs at like $1 to recover the cost. 
> I guess that constitutes "commercial" use :(

What you can always do is have the source CDs available there, and
give them to anyone who requests them who also donates a dollar for
the openoffice cd. [Or some other method of satisfying equivalent
That's generally what we do at the Debian booth.

Don Armstrong

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