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Distributing GPL software.

Hello all,

Say I want to put OpenOffice.org on a CD and distribute it. According to the L/GPL I have to include the source code or promise to have the source code available for three years (section 3).

The problem is that the source code for OOo is a few gigabytes. :( It's not practical to distribute the source code. In my CD I also want to include KOffice and Abiword, which makes the problem worse.

Is there any way out of this? I'm not modifying the source at all. I just download the tar.gz file and put it on a CD.

Does this clause mean that everyone who is giving out OpenOffice or Knoppix CDs is breaking the law?

I hope that section 3c might save me here. Here's my reasoning: when I downloaded OpenOffice I didn't get the sources. So, by section 3b, I must have a promise to the sources. So, by section 3c, I can transfer that promise to you.

Does that work?

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