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Re: Distributing GPL software.

Daniel Carrera writes:

> I hope that section 3c might save me here. Here's my reasoning: when I
> downloaded OpenOffice I didn't get the sources. So, by section 3b, I
> must have a promise to the sources. So, by section 3c, I can transfer
> that promise to you.
> Does that work?

As GPL section 3(c) indicates, you may use that option if you were
given a written offer to provide source *and* your distribution is
"noncommercial".  You have given no hint whether your distribution
could be considered commercial, and the GPL is unfortunately vague
as to what it means by "noncommercial distribution".

The catch is that when you download a GPLed executable, you usually
have "equivalent access to copy the source code from the same place",
which satisifes section 3(a) but is not a written offer under 3(b).

It may be that OpenOffice's copyright holders think noncommercial
distribution is fine if it includes a link to the source code but no
source code, but as far as I can tell, it is not specifically allowed
by the GPL.

Michael Poole

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