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Re: Distributing GPL software.

Just put a note in the CD case with your address listed and say that
if you want the source code, send $4-5 for media and postage for a CD.
Also list the URL for source downloads from the website. Most probably
no one will ask you for it. If someone does, the GPL does not specify
a timeframe, so you'll have enough time to download it.


On 1/12/06, Daniel Carrera <daniel.carrera@zmsl.com> wrote:
> Michael Poole wrote:
> > As GPL section 3(c) indicates, you may use that option if you were
> > given a written offer to provide source *and* your distribution is
> > "noncommercial".  You have given no hint whether your distribution
> > could be considered commercial, and the GPL is unfortunately vague
> > as to what it means by "noncommercial distribution".
> These CDs are for the SCALE conference (Sourthern California Linux
> Expo). I was thinking of selling the CDs at like $1 to recover the cost.
> I guess that constitutes "commercial" use :(
> If by "written permission" the GPL means "paper", then I certainly don't
> have that :(  If written can be "electronic" I'll check the distribution
> to see if it has that.
> > The catch is that when you download a GPLed executable, you usually
> > have "equivalent access to copy the source code from the same place",
> > which satisifes section 3(a) but is not a written offer under 3(b).
> :(
> Does that mean that all the people selling Knoppix CDs for $2 are
> breaking the law?
> > It may be that OpenOffice's copyright holders think noncommercial
> > distribution is fine if it includes a link to the source code but no
> > source code, but as far as I can tell, it is not specifically allowed
> > by the GPL.
> I'm sure that they are ok with it, since the distribution project
> actually makes an ISO available for people to download and distribute.
> And they encourage selling. But I'd still like to comply with the GPL.
> Thanks for the help.
> Cheers,
> Daniel.
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