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Re: GPLv3 drafting process explained

On Mon, 05 Dec 2005 09:21:14 +0000 MJ Ray wrote:

> Francesco Poli <frx@winstonsmith.info>
> > Perhaps because you think that several debian-legal subscribers
> > won't be interested?
> > Or rather because you think that subscribing a mailing list to
> > another one is not a good idea (from a technical point of view)?
> > Or because [fill in the blank, please]?
> Perhaps because the GPLv3 process needs action *NOW* to stop it
> becoming like WSIS-CS and so many other badly designed anti-democratic
> processes where voices are not heard. The process could be "captured"
> by a few special interests chosen by its leaders. Act now. Don't wait
> for news.
> Please express your concerns now and call for FSF to make this process
> open, fair and responsible. We don't need another FDL-like trade of
> freedom for corporate happiness.
> I've written more about this at
> http://mail.fsfeurope.org/pipermail/gplv3/2005-November/000003.html
> and
> http://mail.fsfeurope.org/pipermail/gplv3/2005-December/000010.html

I've just expressed some of my concerns (which are similar to yours) to
the same list.
My message is currently waiting in the moderator queue (as I'm not
subscribed to gplv3@fsfeurope.org).

I hope our concerns will be addressed.

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