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Re: pymedia DFSG compliant ?

Le vendredi 09 décembre 2005 à 23:36 +0100, Arnaud Fontaine a écrit :
> Hello,
> Please Cc me because i'm not subscribe on this mailing list. I would
> like to package pymedia. As i discussed before with Vedran Furac [1],
> pymedia seems to include ffmpeg library, could someone tell me if this
> software is DFSG compliant ?

There is already a ffmpeg package in the archive; please use it instead
of shipping a third ffmpeg source tree.

> Pymedia can also use mp3lame or libfaad2, but it is optional, however
> could pymedia be package with these features ?

Lame and libfaad2 are patent-encumbered and cannot be shipped.

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