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Re: GPLv3 drafting process explained

Francesco Poli <frx@winstonsmith.info>
> Perhaps because you think that several debian-legal subscribers won't be
> interested?
> Or rather because you think that subscribing a mailing list to another
> one is not a good idea (from a technical point of view)?
> Or because [fill in the blank, please]?

Perhaps because the GPLv3 process needs action *NOW* to stop it becoming
like WSIS-CS and so many other badly designed anti-democratic processes
where voices are not heard. The process could be "captured" by a few
special interests chosen by its leaders. Act now. Don't wait for news.

I'm not saying that GPLv3 will be captured - it's too early to tell and
there are still too many unknown variables - but the structure and the
design of the process looks very vulnerable. Already, a pro-corporation
bias is showing, with business getting a mention apart from community in
the goals given by the last news release: why is business not part of
the community? Where are the community spokespeople in the news release?
How/why are corporate counsels getting access before developers?

Please express your concerns now and call for FSF to make this process
open, fair and responsible. We don't need another FDL-like trade of
freedom for corporate happiness.

I've written more about this at
http://mail.fsfeurope.org/pipermail/gplv3/2005-November/000003.html and

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