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Re: Proposed license for IETF Contributions

* Simon Josefsson <jas@extundo.com> [051209 10:38]:
>              (b) do not claim endorsement of the modified work by the
>                  Contributor, or any organization the Contributor
>                  belongs to, the Internet Engineering Task Force
>                  (IETF), Internet Research Task Force (IRTF), Internet
>                  Engineering Steering Group (IESG), Internet
>                  Architecture Board (IAB), Internet Assigned Numbers
>                  Authority (IANA), Internet Society (ISOC), Request
>                  For Comments (RFC) Editor, or any combination or
>                  variation of such terms (including without limitation
>                  the IETF "4 diamonds" logo), or any terms that are
>                  confusingly similar thereto, and
I do not believe that such a clause is necessary to be also
added into a copyright license, but if it is wanted there, please add
some escape route in there, so that one can tell about endorsement if there
is any. Some often found clause it something like "without prior written
auhtorization from ..."

  Bernhard R. Link

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