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Re: GFDL Statistics

On Sunday 04 December 2005 09:38 am, Francesco Poli wrote:
> If I understand correctly what you mean, you are talking about
> statistics automatically generated by a specific program that counts
> words in the document, or something similar.
> If this is the case, I would say there's no creativity in the statistics
> generation process.
> Probably no creative expression from the original document ends up in
> the statitics, either.
> Then, the statistics are not eligible for copyright protection, that is
> to say, they are not copyrighted.

Yes, that's right on.  The final document that will be produced (as described  
at least) is not a copy of the original and is not a derivative since it does 
not involve an act of authorship.  

But more importantly, the counting of the instances of a word is almost 
without question an act of fair use because the only reason you would engage 
in the counting is to then say something about that count.  Such a statement 
is part of criticism (positive or negative) which is one of the central 
purposes of the fair use doctrine.

I think it's a pretty open and shut.

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