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Re: GPLv3 drafting process explained

Francesco Poli wrote:
On Fri, 02 Dec 2005 00:46:20 +0100 Dalibor Topic wrote:

Francesco Poli wrote:

Should debian-legal@lists.debian.org be signed up directly (provided
this is possible *at all*!), in your opinion?

No, please.

Ciao Francesco,

Why do you think so?
Could you elaborate?

Sure, I'm sorry for the first mail being so terse in the first place.

Perhaps because you think that several debian-legal subscribers won't be
Or rather because you think that subscribing a mailing list to another
one is not a good idea (from a technical point of view)?
Or because [fill in the blank, please]?

I think the technical aspects of subscribing one mailing list to another make such a setup ineffective in terms of cross-communication. One would get the bad effects of cross-posting, where people may not be able to necessarily follow up to what is being said on the gpl3 list from debian-legal, without subscribing to it first, or someone waving them through mailmain. In addition one would get the same mails twice if one is subscribed to both lists, and that would seem to be an as ineffective use of network resources as CC:ing people on replys. ;)

Last time I checked, the code of conduct[1] recommended to reply
to the list only, *unless* the original poster explicitly request to be
I'm a debian-legal subscriber and I didn't ask to be Cc:ed (or
To:ed...): please avoid replying to me directly. Thanks.

Thanks for the hint, I'm sorry for the inconvenience the CC: has caused you, and I'll make sure to avoid it in the future.

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