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Re: Kleansweep, trademark issue and Debian

On Wednesday 30 November 2005 05:00, Justin Pryzby wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 25, 2005 at 10:57:31PM +0100, Claudio Moratti wrote:
> Why don't you keep an unapplied patch in ./debian/ which can be used
> to change the name?  Then, if there is ever a problem, its trivial to
> fix.  AIUI this is the kind of approach that might be taken with
> firefox..  The patch might be trivial; or, you might initially think
> that it is trivial, but then keep running into different instances of
> the TM name.  So you might start with such a patch, however small and
> trivial, but maintain it as you discover hypothetical internal
> references to the name.
I'll try to do that...
This is the first time I have to change the name of a complete package...
This will be a funny thing :D

> I know little of trademarks, and about your specific one, but not
> packaging the software because of such a problem, when it could be
> worked around, is still unattrictive.
Thank you for you answer!

> Justin
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