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Re: Potential debian logo license violation

Giannis Beredimas <mperedim@ceid.upatras.gr> writes:

> Hi Måns,
> Måns Rullgård wrote:
>>I played around with the Greek site's logo, trying to match it
>>against the Debian logo.  This is the result:
>>This took a fair amount of rotating and stretching, and it's still
>>not very close.  My guess is that someone happened to draw a vaguely
>>similar spiral.
> I decided to toy around with the logo myself. However, since the
> http://infosoc.gr site has a pseudo 3D-rotated version of the logo I
> decided to use a "flat version"

I didn't know such a version existed, much less where to look for it.

> (http://ru6.cti.gr/broadband/images/logo-ktp.gif). From the mentioned
> gif:
> - I extracted the logo
> - Rotated 90 degrees anti-clockwise
> - Replaced the background with a white-one and made the spiral red
> The result is available at
> http://mperedim.serverhive.com/box/logo-comparison.jpg. Bottom left is
> the original debian logo, bottom right is the extracted infosoc
> logo. Afterwards I resized the bottom-right logo (keeping its original
> aspect ration) and superimposed it over and under the debian logo.
> Personally I am seeing more than a vague similarity, but (as I said in
> original mail) maybe it 's just me.

There are similarities in the shape that has been rolled up to form
the spiral.  The spiral itself differs, though.  The Greek spiral has
about 2.5 revolutions, while the Debial logo has barely 2.  Maybe they
used the same Adobe Illustrator brush that was used to create the
Debian logo, and applied it to a spiral with different parameters.

If you create a logo by using stock items from a widely used graphics
design program, you can only expect to find others using similar

Måns Rullgård

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