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Potential debian logo license violation

Hello all,

Yesterday I stumbled upon the site of Greece Information Society (http://www.infosoc.gr) and found that the new logo of the webpage (http://www.infosoc.gr/infosoc/_layout/header-logo-el-GR.gif) bears quite a resemblance to the Debian one.

I am uncertain whether the new logo may be considered a modified version of the Debian logo and thus constitute a potential reference of the "Debian Open Use Logo License". I can only attest that my initial reaction to this logo was along the lines "hey, this looks a lot like the Debian logo". I can also attest that a few friends of mine shared this reaction and/or point of view.

I am complete unaware of how to pursue this matter further, or if there is a potential violation at all; perhaps the assertion that the mentioned logo is a modified version of the Debian one is a little far-fetched. Thus, using the advice of a friend, I am resorting to this list for further information and/or advice on course of action.

Best regards,

P.S. Please note that the site mentioned is in Greek. However, you can easily find out that the mentioned logo is in no way linked to Debian.

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