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Re: Potential debian logo license violation

Hi Måns,

Måns Rullgård wrote:

I played around with the Greek site's logo, trying to match it against the Debian logo.  This is the result:

This took a fair amount of rotating and stretching, and it's still not very close.  My guess is that someone happened to draw a vaguely
similar spiral.

I decided to toy around with the logo myself. However, since the http://infosoc.gr site has a pseudo 3D-rotated version of the logo I decided to use a "flat version" (http://ru6.cti.gr/broadband/images/logo-ktp.gif). From the mentioned gif:
- I extracted the logo
- Rotated 90 degrees anti-clockwise
- Replaced the background with a white-one and made the spiral red

The result is available at http://mperedim.serverhive.com/box/logo-comparison.jpg. Bottom left is the original debian logo, bottom right is the extracted infosoc logo. Afterwards I resized the bottom-right logo (keeping its original aspect ration) and superimposed it over and under the debian logo.

Personally I am seeing more than a vague similarity, but (as I said in original mail) maybe it 's just me.


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