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Re: Potential debian logo license violation

The outer ring of the spiral seems a fair bit wider than the Debian
logo. It seems to be just a textured spiral to me.


On 11/28/05, Giannis Beredimas <mperedim@ceid.upatras.gr> wrote:
> Hello all,
> Yesterday I stumbled upon the site of Greece Information Society
> (http://www.infosoc.gr) and found that the new logo of the webpage
> (http://www.infosoc.gr/infosoc/_layout/header-logo-el-GR.gif) bears
> quite a resemblance to the Debian one.
> I am uncertain whether the new logo may be considered a modified version
> of the Debian logo and thus constitute a potential reference of the
> "Debian Open Use Logo License". I can only attest that my initial
> reaction to this logo was along the lines "hey, this looks a lot like
> the Debian logo". I can also attest that a few friends of mine shared
> this reaction and/or point of view.
> I am complete unaware of how to pursue this matter further, or if there
> is a potential violation at all; perhaps the assertion that the
> mentioned logo is a modified version of the Debian one is a little
> far-fetched. Thus, using the advice of a friend, I am resorting to this
> list for further information and/or advice on course of action.
> Best regards,
> Giannis
> P.S. Please note that the site mentioned is in Greek. However, you can
> easily find out that the mentioned logo is in no way linked to Debian.
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