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Re: migration of wiki material: suggested licence and legal issues

Don Armstrong <don@debian.org> wrote:
> People who see that it is a problem have to take up the gauntlet;
> Indeed, one could ask what the contributors to this thread have
> been doing to speed this process along...

I think people have to consider it worth working to fix too. An
impression that their actions will be opposed makes it seem less
worthwhile, but it depends how much they care about the problem.
Personally, I don't care enough about a wiki.debian.org
which seems to consist of only "Immutable" pages and tells
me I'm not allowed to edit a new page.

Suggesting that an answer is wrong or should be ignored
because the poster hasn't decided to help yet is rather odd:
the question was unsolicited too. Indeed, one could ask what
others involved with debian-wiki have been doing to speed the
debian-legal process along... so far it looks like discussing
it elsewhere and then a "fire and forget" request here.

> I'm willing to assist in a licensing effort along the lines of what I
> have already indicated, but I'm not interested in stalling the
> migration process until the authors for all of the pages in question
> have been contacted. [...]

I hope that the people involved take your offer up.

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