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Re: Licensing pictures within an application

Alexander Terekhov <alexander.terekhov@gmail.com> wrote:
> Aussonderung
> Kinder und Jugendliche mit Verhaltensproblemen

Is this something you are stating about yourself?

> On 01 Oct 2005 15:23:32 GMT, MJ Ray <mjr@phonecoop.coop> wrote:
> > If knowing that expression led me to write a new large
> > expression a particular way, wouldn't you call it derived?
> Apply the AFC test to the new expression (vs old expression that
> you gained knowledge from) and you'll find out. Then comes
> "clean room", and docrines of functional interoperability and
> independent creation.

If one expression is part-determined by another expression, the
abstraction, filtration and comparison (AFC) test would suggest
it's derived and it's not "clean room" nor independent creation.
At the extreme, one could even argue from the AFC test that part
of the second expression doesn't have any other copyright.

However, I asked what your position on this was. The AFC test was
still controversial last I checked. You seem to have few views
beyond anti-GNU spam spam spam spam lovely spam! wonderful spam!
Do you do useful things?

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