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Re: GPL & Binary

=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Jo=E3o_Pinheiro?= <MailingLists@JoaoPinheiro.org> wrote:
> I don't think the plan will be controversial. In fact, I believe that it
> will be accepted and supported. It's not a question of waiting until
> course marks are given. The program I want to release has nothing to
> with any subject that I'm taking. The only issue there is that we have
> countless subjects where we will have to code multiple applications and
> I might want to re-use some of the routines from that program.

I think I wasn't clear enough. Get their approval now, including
that you may still re-use the code for your subjects. Alternatively,
wait until you have finished taking *any* courses at that academy.

> [...] He didn't complain because he was afraid they would use
> their decision as some form of retaliation.

Aye, I've seen that pattern may times. Both holding and hoping,
and trying to publicly embarrass groups have big drawbacks. I
think openness and clarity works more often, but maybe that's
just because I'm bad at politics.

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