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Re: Dissident test

mdpoole@troilus.org wrote:

>>>DFSG#5 is very plain and very broad: it prohibits discrimination
>>>against *any* person or group.  If you think it should be narrowed,
>>>propose an amendment to the SC.
>> Until the DFSG-revisionists came here, the meaning of the DFSG #5 was
>> to forbid licenses which provide the required freedoms only to some
>> people.
>Using that interpretation, choice-of-venue clauses provide freedom
>from fees only to those who live in the chosen venue.
Only if you subscribe to the "everything is a fee" doctrine. I don't.

>Again: If you think DFSG#5 is too broad, propose an amendment.
I think it is just fine as is, I just believe you are changing its
original and accepted meaning.


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