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frx@winstonsmith.info wrote:

>This might fail the Dissident test (and thus discriminate against
Which is not part of the DFSG, so it does not matter.

>[clause 3.3 goes on]
>>       You may not
>>       remove or alter any copyright, patent or trademark notices
>>       contained within the Covered Software, or any notices of
>>       licensing or any descriptive text giving attribution to any
>>       Contributor or the Initial Developer.
>This could open the possibility to include GFDL-style Invariant
>Sections, if "descriptive text" is interpreted broadly enough. In that
>case this would fail DFSG#3.
I fail to see how this could happen, "descriptive text giving
attribution" looks clear enough to me.

>This is choice of venue and fails DFSG#5.
This is not true.

>> The application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the
>> International Sale of Goods is expressly excluded.
>This license claims to have the Power To Nuke Laws(TM).
I do not remember any part of the DFSG which would prevent this, do you?


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