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Re: Dissident test

Sven Luther writes:

> On Sat, Sep 10, 2005 at 08:38:19PM -0400, Catatonic Porpoise wrote:
>> Marco d'Itri wrote:
>> >>This might fail the Dissident test (and thus discriminate against
>> >>   
>> >>
>> >Which is not part of the DFSG, so it does not matter.
>> > 
>> >
>> The Dissident test is a test for DFSG #5, so it does matter. See:
>> http://wiki.debian.net/?DissidentTest
>> http://people.debian.org/~bap/dfsg-faq.html
> Can we go back to interpreting the DFSG and the licence in real terms, instead
> of blindingly trying to apply random strange tests ?

Can we please not interpret DFSG#5 as saying "A license may not
discriminate against any person or group of persons unless somebody
thinks such discrimination is acceptable"?

DFSG#5 is very plain and very broad: it prohibits discrimination
against *any* person or group.  If you think it should be narrowed,
propose an amendment to the SC.

Michael Poole

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