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Warzone data file

Hello debian-legal readers.

I'm going to package Warzone 2100 game, which was published on GPL license
not so far ago. After some discussions with current developers (which
aren't copyright holders) I have some questions wrt included data files.

Below is original announce published by copyright holders. Could you please
help us to determine what is current state of data files?
Are they free or not?

Please CC me answering, I'm not subscribed to this list.


> Warzone 2100 Source & Data
> 1) These source and data files are provided as is with no guarantees. 
> 2) No assistance or support will be offered or given. 
> 3) Everything you will require to make a build of the game should be here. If it isn't, you'll have to improvise(*).
> 4) None of us here at Pivotal Games are in a position to be able to offer any help with making this work.
> 5) This source code is released under the terms of the GNU Public License. 
> 	Please be sure to read the entirety of this license but the summary is that you're free to do what you want 
> 	with the source subject to making the full source code freely available in the event of the distribution 
> 	of new binaries.
> Finally, the primary motivation for this release is for entertainment and educational purposes. On the subject of the 
> latter, don't be surprised to see some pretty gnarly old-school C code in here; the game was a classic but 
> large areas of the code aren't pretty; OO design and C++ evangelists beware!  We haven't spent any time 
> cleaning the code or making if pretty - what you see is what you're getting, warts n' all.
> Thankyou to Jonathan Kemp of Eidos Europe for permitting the release.  Thanks also to Frank Lamboy for 
> assistance with the release and for campaigning along with many many others over the years for the source to be made
> available. The correspondence, online petitions and persistence made this possible. We were constantly amazed at the
> community support for Warzone even after all this time; it's nice to be able to give something back, 
> assuming you can get it to compile...;-)
> 6th December 2004
> Alex M - ex Pumpkin Studios (Eidos)
> (*) Except FMV and music...

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