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Re: Is this license DFSG free?

Sean Kellogg <skellogg@u.washington.edu> wrote:
> Well, that's certainly a great deal better, structurally.  I guess I've nev=
> er=20
> really seen any ftp-master discussion on this list...  but then again, I=20
> don't know their names, so I wouldn't really know who was who.  But at leas=
> t=20
> there is some amount of accountability.

There is a communication problem with some delegates at the moment,
but debian-legal is not the only place that has been raised. I think
that would be a good topic for the DPL team to examine urgently. It
would help to direct debian-legal if ftpmasters didn't only appear
to troll. I last lamented this in

> The fact remains that it is far too easy to criticize d-l if operations=20
> continue under this system.  I've been on this list for almost 4 years, wit=
> h=20
> special attention ever since I entered law school...  I know the sort of=20
> round-and-round fights that go on here that later get presented in FAQ's as=
> consensus. =20

Could you please name some and what FAQs present them as consensus?

> As I said, I've never actually heard an ftp-master agree or disagree with t=
> he=20
> list...  but if I were in their position I would have a hard time accepting=
> advice from a forum who can't point to language that backs their claim.

Some of us can and do. Maybe you simply disagree with it?

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